Random side note: I'm going home today!!!

Okay, I occasionally feel like I need to protect one of teh SPN boys.  Usually, it's Dean.  Today it's not.
Yes, I'm now going to protect the wrong brother, the one who's lost all brain power, who's dealing with demons and lying to his brother, the one who was very unlike himself at one point in last night's episode.  Yep, I think Afterschool Special really did remind me of what it was like to be a Sam!girl, and it seems I'm not ready to let go of that yet.

So, Sammy.  He thinks he's doing the right thing.  He's trying to save the world, to keep himself from going darkside, and to help Dean out a little bit.  He can't be thoroughly dependent on his big brother anymore.  He's learned how to survive in the family business without Dean, and he still hasn't quite figured out how to be the needy, season 1 Sammy again, because he never can be.  Both boys were drastically changed over the summer break -- those four months/forty years broke them, and now that is making them stronger.  Sam can't always be the damsel in distress; he has to be able to go on without Dean.
He's trying to stop the Apocalypse, save the world, the whole nine yards.  He's probably making it worse, but he has every good intention in doing what he's doing.
Dean doesn't need to deal with the demon shit right now.  I'll bet Dean would much prefer to never see a demon again, so working with one is out of the question.  Sam thinks Ruby is the key to saving the world; he thinks she is helping him stop himself from crossing to the wrong side (while the fans think she's sending him there, as does Dean).  Sammy really does trust her, and NOT because they had sex.
We dealt with Dean having sex with the whiney teenangel (never again) because he needed some comfort.  Why can't Sammy be the same way?  And, for once, the chick he hooked up with in this episode wasn't evil.
Sam had every right to say the things he did.  I mean, they were cruel and hurtful, yes.  I felt terribly for Dean when Sam said them.  And then I felt terribly for Sam when Dean said his things.  They were drugged by a frakkin' siren, obviously they were gonna spill their guts.  Radical honesty.

Anyway, I feel like everyone is cutting Dean an awful lot of slack this season because he went to Hell.  But Sam was basically in Hell, too.  Hell on Earth, not quite the same thing, but he lost everything.  Let's give him the benefit of the doubt, too.

Credit: Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You," www.supernatural.tv/gallery2/gallery.htm, and me.

Credit: The Fray's "Over My Head," www.supernatural.tv/gallery2/gallery.htm, and me.

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