I know I JUST posted to lj, but oh well.  Had a random SPN thought building off of my last posted "theory."  Spoilers for the finale involved, of course

This is NOT me being overly hopeful or Sam!girl-ing.  This is me simply posting the thought that just popped into my head.

We know from the SPACE promo the Zach says something about God being out of the picture.  So, makes you wonder how long he has been, or if he even is.

Yeah, that didn't make much sense, but hold on a second.

What if, in the Sam-went-to-Hell-in-AHBL1 scenario, HE broke the first seal and Heaven didn't realize it and Hell hid it to further their plans (seeing as they make marvelous liars).

Still not making sense, I know.  Wait for it.

If Sam broke the first seal during his one-day/four-month trip, then HE'S the only one who can stop the Apocalypse.  And, from what I've seen, if Lilith's death is NOT a seal, Sammy is the ONLY one who can.  Because he's right, Dean isn't strong enough.

Probably still doesn't make sense.  Now you see what crazy things go on in my mind.  So I'll sum up:

SAM broke the first seal, not Dean.  Therefore only SAM can stop the Apocalypse.  If Lilith's death is NOT the final seal, only Sam can, so it sort of makes sense.

Like I said, my mind works in mysterious ways.


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