Hey guys!
I have a Dreamwidth (thanks, [personal profile] dangerous_47!).  So, come friend me.  Same name over here!

I'm not leaving lj.  I just wanted to see what DW was.
Oh, does anyone know how to get cool layouts on DW?

Crossposted to my lj.
dangerous_47: Heartshaped sandwiches ((Stock) Heartshaped sandwiches)

From: [personal profile] dangerous_47


Isn't crossposting awesome? And I'm just loving my layout over here and stuff. :D

Though I totally want a paid account so I can get more avis. XD Even though I love my 6 avi's I have now because they is purdy. XD

And dude, you can import EVERYTHING over here. ;) And for me anyways it didn't take a long time at all to do. The longest was entries and comments. Though comments took longer than entries but then I have more comments than entries. lol.

This place is shiny and stuff. XD


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