Angela made me wonder if she would be a Sam or Dean!girl.  So, here's a post explainin them as best I can.  Obviously, that means this post is long.

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So, my godsister is watching season 1 of SPN.  She watched the first half of episode four (Phantom Traveler) and then could not find the rest of it. So I am going to picspam her with an explanation of what happened after Chuck crashed the second plane.

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I totally needed this to cheer me up after watching that episode. 
The second picture (with "Wanted" written across the top). I want it for Christmas. But I can't buy it myself, because my parents would freak. Lol.

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( Nov. 11th, 2008 09:20 am)
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William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickins, Emily Dickinson.

Favorite: Usual Suspects. "The best trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he wasn't real." Or something like that. Lol.
Least Favorite: Underworld. Another leather-filled fake horror flick. And I hate werewolves; I think they're stupid and not scary.

Woohoo! Supernatural day! (I'm totally gonna steal our DVDs from home this weekend and lend them to Melissa down the hall, because I'm definitely going to convert her to an SPN fan.)

Pictures, because I feel like it. )

Criminal Minds last night was, yet again, predictable. I knew it was a woman from the beginning, and it took boy genius 'till 9:35 to get it. And I knew his daddy did it, too. But still, I love boy genius, so it was a good episode because it focused on boy genius. Lol. Oh, and I am gonna miss J.J. when she goes on maternity leave.



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