Apparently 9 SPN's in a day is enough.  Because we both gave up in the middle of "Ghostfacers" and fell asleep, setting alarms for when the ep would end.  Then "Long Distance Call" started and I was like "Shanique, this is a boring-as-Hell, useless ep.  I'm going to bed."  And she took the disc out and put it away and said we'd start with "Time Is on My Side" after lunch today.  Lol.

Yep, SPN was my entire life yesterday.  Now I get to study for astronomy WHILE SPN is my entire life today.  Except there has to be an hour break tonight for Lie to Me.  Lol.


Bloody, I love crazy people.  Seriously.  I wanna be crazy.  I want to be some really psycho person.  I'm not really sure on where or when or why or what you'd have to do with it.  All I know is I wanna be crazy.
Doesn't Remind Me - Sam and Dean - Sad moments
Exploder - Bobby and his phones
I Will Remember You - John/Mary
Over My Head - Dean in "Skin"
Silence for Mary - In My Time of Dying
She Is - Bad girlfriends
Fumbling Toward Ecstasy - Dean in "No Rest for the Wicked"
The Shape of Things to Come - Dean in "Faith"
Dear God - "Houses of the Holy"


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