Author: [ profile] blue_white_red 
Title: Bound
Fandom: Sanctuary
Written for: [ profile] fanfic50 . . . prompt 011. Bound
Word Count: 1,133
Pairing:  Nikola/Anastasia (OC)
Rating: PG
Warning: Spoilers through 1x13 (Revelations Part II).
Disclaimer: I do not own Sanctuary, Helen, Will, Ashley, John, Nikola, or Clara.  Anastasia's mine.
A/N: My first Sanctuary fic.  And I'm writing this a little early, seeing as [ profile] fanfic50 hasn't approved my claim yet.  But, if they never approve my claim, I'll still do the prompts because the prompts are cool. 
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Ashley had been gone, with the blood, for hours. After exhausting all of their ideas, with no success, they’d sat in the lounge to await a miracle. There was no way to track her down, even with all of the equipment in Henry’s lab or with John’s identical ability, so the Cabal had won this round.

Will would occasionally go to gather firewood and stock the fireplace. (The big guy was still trapped in his observation room, too dangerous to be let free until Helen creates the antivirus.) They were all silent, lost in their own thoughts: considering Ashley, the big guy, the blood, Watson, the Cabal, and just about anything else in between.

And then Ashley reappeared, a little unsteady because of a lack of practice with her new-found ability. She was obviously still drugged, but she somehow managed to stand straight and tall, looking directly ahead and saying nothing – almost as if she were in a trance. She didn’t have the blood with her, which would have worried everyone in the room if they were not all ready concerned for her.

She slowly looked around the room, making short eye contact with each person, searching for one in particular. She moved as if she were being controlled remotely and she showed no signs of recognition when she looked at them. Once her eyes had settled on her target, she said in a monotone, “The Cabal require your assistance.”

The entire room looked around at the corner on which her gaze had settled. “What do they want with me?” Nikola asked, struggling to hide his mingled curiosity and fear.

Ashley droned on, “They are prepared to return the blood if you will help them.”

Nikola stared at her for a moment, silent. He could feel all the eyes of the room on him. Then he said, “What do they want?”

“Nikola!” Helen warned.

Ashley shot her a deadly glare before returning her gaze to Tesla. “The Cabal have a slight problem with a . . . resident. You help them regain control; they hand over the entire vial of source blood. That’s the deal.”

“Nikola, you can’t seriously be considering this!” John shouted. 

“The abnormals of the world need that serum. You can’t make the antivirus without the blood, Helen. We have to get it back – whatever it takes.”

“Well, you aren’t going alone,” John growled. “I don’t trust you alone with that blood.”

“And, for once, we agree on something!” responded Nikola. “I don’t trust you, either; but I’m not going into Cabal HQ alone.

“What exactly is the resident the Cabal are finding difficult?” Helen asked, determined to be a part of this fight, for Ashley.


The world around her was a blur. She hadn’t allowed herself to be controlled by her abnormal side for a long time – it was the only way to survive: hide in the shadows. Now, the world she knew and understood well was blending with the world she’d suppressed for so long – and it felt liberating.

The Cabal, as they called themselves, were scattering before her, running for shelter, searching out a sanctuary. They’d kept her locked up there for so long, poked and prodded to get her to change. She’d given them what they wanted, and they’d realized that they’d made a mistake keeping her bound there in the first place.

And then a small band of people, none of them scared, appeared before her out of nowhere. They all stared in awe at her: as if they’d expected anything but what they were seeing. And at least three of them felt familiar to her, somehow. The tall, bald man walked calmly over to her and the Cabal vanished.

She was standing inside a concrete cell with thick glass making up the far wall. She could see the people on the other side of that glass, watching her. The man backed away from her and disappeared, reappearing with the others outside of her prison.

She was imprisoned once again, but something about these people told her that she was safe. She regained control of her abnormality and waited patiently for one of them to make the introductions.


This is impossible.

“You might as well voice what you’re thinking, Helen,” John said quietly, staring in at the now-normal-looking, red-headed woman. “We’re all thinking it.”

Helen stood in silence, considering their options. “She cannot be what she seems,” she muttered, more to herself than to the room.

“You’re telling me!” Tesla had been the most confused and astonished of them all, since they’d arrived in the Cabal. He’d watched in thoughtful silence when they’d found her and brought her back to the Sanctuary.

“Now, I’ve never seen one,” Will spoke up, “but I’m assuming that was . . .” his voice trailed off.

“Sanguine Vampiris,” Nikola explained, awestruck.

“But, you said they were extinct.”

“They are, Clara,” Helen said comfortingly without taking her eyes off their guest. “Which is why she cannot be one.”

“What if she is?”

“John,” Helen muttered, turning to her former fiancé. “Could you keep an eye on him,” she continued with a motion toward Tesla.

“And you?” John asked, concerned.

“I’m going to visit our new resident.”


“My name is Helen Magnus,” she said gently as she entered the cell. “I can help you.”

The “vampire” was sitting on the floor, back straight against the wall and legs splayed out before her. She was staring directly out the glass across from her, refusing to make eye contact.

Helen walked carefully over to her and sat beside the woman, following her unwavering gaze. When she saw who the woman was staring at, she continued, “You know who we are, don’t you?”

The vampire beside her nodded.


“The blood of my ancestors travels through your veins. I am therefore linked to you all.”

“So, you are an ancient vampire?”

She answered with another nod.

“How did you survive?”

“My family didn’t retreat to Bal Asam. We stayed, ruled until one man figured it out and installed himself as dictator. He slaughtered my family, but I managed to get away. I’ve hidden in the shadows ever since. . . . I was the final ancient born, in 1901, and I shall be the final one to die.”

“Who killed your family?” Helen asked, compassion in her voice.

The vampire tore her eyes away from the people behind the glass and looked directly at Helen. She whispered one simple word, “Lenin.”

Helen, shocked, watched as the woman looked back out of the cell at the closest thing she’d seen to another vampire in 90 years. She rose and exited the cell, announcing to the others, “If what she says is true, we have just imprisoned the Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia.”

To be continued. . . .
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