It is a good day to be a Trekkie. 

~ Pike - well done and not too overbearing.

~ Sulu - I still don't think he looks right, but he did just fine.  Liked him.

~ Chekov - accent was a little overdone.

~ Uhura - sassy and smooth as ever.  Not sure how I feel about Spock/Uhura though.

~ Scotty - Simon Pegg is marvelous.  Loved him, loved him, loved him.

~ Bones - a little overacted -- he tried too hard to be DeForest.  But overacting and campy were necessary somewhere in the movie, and who better than McCoy for that?

~ Spock - I...L.O.V.E...S.P.O.C.K....  I've always been a Spock!girl (if he has girls, that is), but Zachary Quinto was perfect.  Couldn't have cast him better myself.

~ Kirk - honestly, I was surprised.  Pleasantly surprised.  Impressed, really.

~ Nero - I don't really have to compare him to anyone, but he was pretty cool.

~ Leonard Nimoy rules the world.

The camera angles and the lighting and the CGI were phenomenal, IMHO.

Anyway, yes, I saw the original series.  Yes, I saw the movies.  Yes, technically they broke just about every canon rule there was.  But that was the premise of the movie.  Which is why the term "REBOOT" is so perfect for it.  And I loved it immensely.  I wanna go see it again.  NOW.
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