T4: Terminator Salvation.

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( Nov. 25th, 2008 05:51 pm)
So, now that I've won NaNo, I'm totally gonna do ScriptFrenzy in April! And I totally know what I'm gonna write -- because Odd Thomas has GOT to be a movie!

Day 12 )
I totally needed this to cheer me up after watching that episode.
The second picture (with "Wanted" written across the top). I want it for Christmas. But I can't buy it myself, because my parents would freak. Lol.

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( Nov. 18th, 2008 08:52 pm)
I love Tigger.  I have always loved Tigger.  But when Tigger scores me a $30 check, I love him even more.

Yep, Madi did her homework (while I read Inkspell) and then we watched The Tigger Movie while she ate her dinner.  Simple, easy, bouncy.

For Mary:

This is the new TV Spot for the film. (I think it only cuts out McCoy's line and the very beginning, actually. And I only know that because I have watched the trailer far too many times.)

And here is a watchable copy of the trailer! I'm way too excited about this movie!

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( Nov. 17th, 2008 09:57 am)
Is that REALLY the next Doctor?!?!?!

Children in Need Special:

Day Six. )

Seven Pounds . . . I think it comes out in December.
Favorite: Zodiac. Again, I've only seen two "Z" movies, and this was the better of the two.
Least Favorite: Zathura. Boring, and not as good as the other "Z" movie I've seen.

Well, that's over. Took a while. Lol.

I'm not gonna do pictures in honor of Supernatural today. I'll do them with my review tomorrow.

Oh, and last night's Criminal Minds:
- J.J.'s gone for a while. She had the baby.
- I hope the new chick is cool.
- It was another boy genius episode!
- Other than the fact that it was a boy genius episode, though, it was really boring.
- They solved the cold case that boy genius was dreaming about, and it was a boring cold case. Oh well.
- I did almost cry for boy genius, though, because he met his abandoning daddy. Awww.

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Favorite: Young Frankenstein. It's difficult to pick a favorite and a least favorite when you've only seen two movies. Of the two movies, I prefer this one.
Least Favorite: You've Got Mail. It was kinda boring, if I remember it correctly.

Day Three. )

Favorite: X-men. Honestly, I've only seen five movies (that I can think of) that begin with "X." And this was the best of them. Lol.
Least Favorite: X-Files: I Want to Believe. I wanted to believe that this would be better. I did believe that this would be better. And it was NOT.

Day Two. )


Favorite: The War. Kevin Kostner (Ew) and Elijah Wood as a kid. It was actually a really powerful movie, as I recall.
Least Favorite: Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Boring and stupid. But I didn't fall asleep. Lol.


My rules for the trailer challenge:

One trailer per day, five days a week.

Only movie trailers.

I'll do movies I want to see for now.

30 days.

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( Nov. 2nd, 2008 12:43 pm)
Another Harry Potter 6 trailer that almost makes me wish I hadn't decided (after the 5th) to boycott the movies:

Well, lunch today was not good. There was nothing worth eating. However, the other girls at my table had these white chocolate coated apples. It was hilarious to watch them eat those.

For my many Twilight-obsessed friends: